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C 3.9% graph 46 up (from 50) £42/hour, £37900/annum
C++ 5.9% graph 35 up (from 38) £65/hour, £48200/annum
C# 9.0% graph 19 down (from 17) £67/hour, £45000/annum
C#Dot-NET 1.5% graph 150 up (from 151) £35/hour, £43800/annum
CAD 0.9%
(on 25-Mar-2010)
graph 371 up (from 392) £24/hour, £36000/annum
capacity-planning 0.8%
(on 23-Mar-2010)
graph 396 down (from 379) £45/hour, £50000/annum
CCNA 1.1% graph 222 up (from 232) £30/hour, £32600/annum
CCNP 0.9%
(on 25-Mar-2010)
graph 365 down (from 270) £36/hour, £33500/annum
Checkpoint 0.9%
(on 25-Mar-2010)
graph 369 down (from 339) £43/hour, £43500/annum
Cisco 3.1% graph 66 down (from 58) £31/hour, £32900/annum
Citrix 1.9% graph 119 up (from 131) £32/hour, £48300/annum
Clearcase 0.8%
(on 25-Mar-2010)
graph 383 down (from 318) £51/hour, £47000/annum
clinical 0.8%
(on 25-Mar-2010)
graph 373 down (from 350) £32/hour, £35000/annum
Cloud 0.8%
(on 28-Mar-2010)
graph 352 up (from 404) unknown, £60000/annum
clustering 1.5% graph 158 down (from 152) £41/hour, £45000/annum
CMS 1.5% graph 151 down (from 145) £29/hour, £31700/annum
Cognos 1.1% graph 221 unchanged £43/hour, £57500/annum
COM 1.2% graph 197 down (from 195) £37/hour, £43700/annum
commodities 1.2% graph 208 up (from 218) £67/hour, £67000/annum
communications 3.4% graph 60 down (from 57) £35/hour, £38600/annum
construction 0.9% graph 266 down (from 242) £50/hour, £40900/annum
CRM 3.5% graph 55 up (from 61) £32/hour, £51800/annum
CrystalReports 1.0% graph 246 up (from 256) £36/hour, £30000/annum
CSS 5.9% graph 38 down (from 35) £28/hour, £33200/annum

skills in alphabetical order
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