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Google (a search engine)
Jobserve (IT jobs)
ABAP 1.4% graph 170 down (from 158) £48/hour, £62100/annum
Access 3.4% graph 56 up (from 59) £28/hour, £38300/annum
accounting 2.3% graph 93 down (from 91) £44/hour, £53000/annum
Actionscript 1.0% graph 252 down (from 244) £35/hour, £33300/annum
Active-Directory 3.4% graph 59 down (from 54) £18/hour, £31200/annum
administration 7.4% graph 25 unchanged £30/hour, £34400/annum
Adobe 1.3% graph 190 up (from 196) £30/hour, £28300/annum
advertising 1.1% graph 218 down (from 214) £32/hour, £38300/annum
aerospace 0.9% graph 284 unchanged £53/hour, £24700/annum
Agile 6.2% graph 32 up (from 34) £58/hour, £54400/annum
AIX 1.1% graph 214 up (from 223) £45/hour, £42100/annum
AJAX 3.2% graph 64 down (from 62) £34/hour, £38700/annum
analyst 28.1% graph 4 unchanged £42/hour, £47100/annum
analytics 1.8% graph 127 up (from 136) £66/hour, £50000/annum
Android 0.7%
(on 23-Mar-2010)
graph 397 down (from 322) unknown, unknown
Ant 0.9% graph 288 up (from 294) £40/hour, £37700/annum
Apache 1.8% graph 126 down (from 122) £37/hour, £49300/annum
API 0.9% graph 264 up (from 269) £73/hour, £62700/annum
APO 0.8%
(on 24-Mar-2010)
graph 392 down (from 320) £60/hour, £52500/annum
architect 14.5% graph 10 unchanged £58/hour, £49200/annum
AS400 0.8% graph 314 up (from 359) £36/hour, £37300/annum
Asia 0.8%
(on 21-Mar-2010)
graph 412 down (from 349) £35/hour, £41700/annum
ASP 1.7% graph 133 down (from 129) £32/hour, £34300/annum
ASPDot-NET 4.6% graph 39 unchanged £32/hour, £42700/annum
auditing 1.7% graph 134 down (from 117) £34/hour, £49400/annum
automotive 1.0% graph 245 down (from 227) £18/hour, £38100/annum

skills in alphabetical order
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